Friday, August 26, 2011

About Us

Welcome to Populous Peninsula! (Or, as we affectionately like to call it -- PopPen.) This is a blog about nothing in particular. But, in a greater sense, it’s about EVERYTHING -- society, popular culture, and life as we know it.

Just kidding. This is a blog about nothing.


We’re Dactyl and Saurus, the bloggers behind PopPen. We’re two college undergrads who share a snarky sense of humor and a long list of spastic obsessions (see below). We created this blog to occasionally share them with you... Enjoy.

Disclaimer: We’re total nerdzz, so we love Glee and Harry Potter and British people and classic literature and hipsters and awards shows and bathroom humor and grammar (except for run-on sentences, they’re okay) and dinosaurs. Also, Jew-fros. Mazel tov!

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