Friday, June 14, 2013

Adventures of 'Game of Thrones' Virgins

Hi, people! This is Doris and Irene’s “Blog of Thrones” feature and yes, we realize we’re probably the 477,924th blog with that name. 

We’re two TV nerds with a penchant for smart comedies starring SNL alumni and an awesomely soapy British period drama involving upstairs and downstairs people, but one highly hyped show that has somehow flown under our radar is HBO’s Game of Thrones. Everyone and their grandma has been telling us to watch it because apparently it is that epic, so now we finally are. Plus Irene studied abroad at Trinity College, where the guy who plays King Joffrey is a student. She never saw him, but she wants to find out why people seemed to hate him so much. 

We plan to watch one episode a week and review it on this blog until we’ve finished all three seasons! (That’s 30 episodes, if you weren’t aware.) While it’s a given that we will be discussing plot points in our posts, please refrain from spoiling future episodes for *us*. We’ve heard that “everyone dies” in the show but otherwise, we know nothing. (Like Jon Snow...? Thanks, Tumblr.) 

Join us as we embark on our journey of thrones -- okay I’ll stop that now.

--Doris (posting as Saurus) & Irene


  1. As PopPen's resident Game of Thrones whore, I am THRILLED to read what you guys have to say!

    Also, Irene, I can't believe you went to Trinity College and never saw Joffrey! According to the episode commentaries (yes, I've seen the commentaries), he's super smart and nice irl... Bizarre :P

  2. I guess he walked past my friends and me once, but I was looking at the ground and not paying attention (as usual.)Most of the people on my program saw him at least once, and one of the guys even had a class with him. Apparently he really is super-nice.