Saturday, January 9, 2016

Otter's 2015 Movies

Once again, I failed to see more than 7 movies in theaters this past year, which makes it very easy to do a movie ranking. A couple of these films were technically released in 2014 but because I didn't see them until 2015, I'm counting them anyway:

7. Spectre
Somehow, I had never seen a James Bond movie until November of last year. People have assured me that Spectre isn't the best the franchise has to offer. I just want to know how their clothes look perfect in every scene even though you never see a suitcase or someone using a little travel steamer.

6. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2
Why must this movie title have three parts? I enjoyed Mockingjay, although I think the movie would have been stronger if it had been combined with the first installment. Jennifer Lawrence is convincing as a reluctant hero, and it was wonderful (albeit sad) to see Philip Seymour Hoffman one last time.

5. Trainwreck
I feel odd putting Trainwreck so low on this list, as it made me laugh harder and more frequently than any other movie this year. (Who know LeBron James was such a comedic talent?) Still, it would have benefited from a tighter script, especially as the last third dragged on for a bit. 

4. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Like every little nerd, I was insanely excited for this movie and went to see it the Friday it opened. I do agree with the common criticism that this is almost a remake of A New Hope. But, A New Hope was a really great movie, so I don't see why this is a bad thing.

3. The Martian
Honestly, this movie was just fun. I always love seeing my favorite comedians pop up in big-budget movies (Kristen Wiig! Donald Glover!) Sure, we all knew they weren't going to let Matt Damon die despite the fact that it's cost almost a trillion dollars to keep him alive, but it was fun to see people really good at their jobs solve problems. 

2. Selma
An incredibly well-acted movie that does an excellent job reflecting problems that persist in our society today. I had never thought too much about the strategy behind these movements, but small scenes like Coretta Scott King's meeting with Malcolm X showed the immense amount of planning to make the march happen.

1. Inside Out
I saw this movie after a very rough week, which resulted in me sobbing and saying "I am sadness!" in the middle of the theater. I would rather be happy than not, but Inside Out is a wonderful reminder of how all our emotions have purposes and become more complex as we mature.

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