Friday, September 9, 2011

Beautiful British Voices and Disemboweling Twilight

For me, few things in the world are as enjoyable to hear as a British person's voice. Let us be honest here: with their lack of diphthongs, relaxed r's, and crisp intonation, your average Brit could recite the lyrics to "Black and Yellow" and make it sound like an e.e. cummings poem (Sorry, Saurus; I know you love him, but this is how potent their accent is).

This is probably why I am subscribed to so many British Youtubers.

Among my favorites is Alex Day, aka Nerimon. He is best friends/roommates with perhaps the most famous British Youtuber, the divinely adorable and nerdy Charlieissocoollike, and one of Alex's claims to fame is this glorious contribution to the online video sharing community:

What better way to spend 4 minutes in a video mercilessly picking apart every tragic aspect of Twilight's plot, characters, and delivery? As a former disciple of the United Church of Cullen (because I really had nothing better to do in 9th and 10th grade), I know the books front and back. I reread them each at least seven or eight times; I read about a chapter or two a day, on average, for an entire year until the fourth book came out and ruined the entire series for me. I then acquired a life, but that's a different story. As a stickler for grammar who willfully overlooked many of Stephenie Meyer's rather pitiful and awkward attempts at sentence structure ("Let's you and I not push poor Mike any further this week" reminds me of this meme), this video series was a godsend, all religious connotation intended.

Thank you, Alex Day, for helping me reclaim my soul and acquire a social life that did not include Cheetos and an abused paperback copy of a book that uses the word "dazzle" more than any Broadway score or drag queen memoir.

Hooray for wits, and hooray for Brits!

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