Sunday, September 4, 2011

In Which I Gush About Anne Hathaway

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I am distraught and appalled that the first mention of the amazing and multi-talented Anne Hathaway on this blog was Dactyl’s off-hand remark, “Sure, Anne Hathaway’s faux-English accent in Becoming Jane irritated me,” in this post. Gaspeth! Now I must defend her honor... but where do I begin?

1. Since she's adept at both drama and comedy, I could start with the fact that she's a very talented and beloved actress- my favorite, in fact. She's at her angsty best as a self-absorbed addict named Kym in Rachel Getting Married (which was an Oscar-nominated role, mind you). 

2. We already know she can embody the perfect geek-turned-chic sweetheart, as nerdy Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries or the-once-dowdy Andy in The Devil Wears Prada

3. Speaking of which.. can you believe The Princess Diaries was her film debut??! Not many actors or actresses can carry a commercial hit on their first try. I'm predicting a Julia Roberts-esque career in her future.

3. She's a legitimate triple threat- man can she sing! (Here at the Oscars with Hugh, from 4:00 to 5:45; here without.) Classically trained soprano, damn straight.

4. I could rave about how cheery and funny she seems in real life, not to mention very down-to-earth and honest about herself (see: recent 2011 interview that I enjoy). Let it be known that I mostly blame the 2011 Academy Awards hosting fiasco on the half-dead James Franco. Sorry, dude... I still think you're cool! (On an unrelated note, he's teaching a class at NYU this fall.. omg.)

5. And have you ever seen her in the tabloids? Oh wait, let me think... no. (except for that one scandal with her ex-boyfriend, which had nothing to do with her.) (Don't make me eat my words, Anne.) With all the Snookis and other bad role models in society today, we could use more respectable people like Anne Hathaway.

And there you have it- I've ended before I've even started. Now excuse me while I go retreat into a corner and have a spaz attack or something, as I continue to wait for my favorite actress to make a guest appearance on my favorite television show (i.e. Glee).


  1. Omg, James Franco is teaching classes at NYU??????

    Just kidding :] There's no denying that Anne Hathaway is pretty awesome. I'm just jealous that she got to make out with James McAvoy.

    Let's have a Princess Diaries party!

  2. Wait, are you suggesting that *I* found out about some tidbit of celebrity-related entertainment news before you?!! Holy Hepzibah.