Friday, September 2, 2011

Finn Forever!

Dactyl just emailed me this Glee clip, from the Season 2 episode "Furt". It's one of my favorites- Finn serenading his new stepbrother Kurt at the wedding of their parents, Carole (née Hudson) and Burt Hummel. And it doesn't hurt that the song is Bruno Mars's heartfelt "Just the Way You Are."

Needless to say, we love Finn... a lot. Maybe too much for our own good.

To quote Dactyl,
"I like to watch old Glee clips in the middle of the night. So I realized: More than anyone else, I'm really really going to miss Cory Monteith if he leaves Glee next year. That tall-cute-boy-next-door-with-a-big-heart is going to be impossible to replace :(

Alright, I'll stop moping now and go to bed.
But really, can we start a Finn Forever petition?"

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